#1. How long were study programmes in the Netherlands before the introduction of the Bachelor/Master system?

#2. What was used to count study time before the introduction of European Credits? And how many were there to be earned in one year?

#3. How long do bachelor programmes normally last in the Netherlands?

#4. How long can Master programmes last in the Netherlands, according to the video?

#5. How many European Credits are to be earned in one year now?

#6. When does the Dutch academic year begin?

#7. What are the two types of Dutch universities mentioned in the video?

#8. How is the academic year set up in most Dutch universities?

#9. What forms of education are mentioned in the video? (Select all that apply.)

alle opties aanklikken die van toepassing zijn

#10. What is a Frisian description of the innovations that took place as a result of the corona crisis in 2020?

#11. How are tests graded in the Dutch educational system?

#12. When a teacher uses round numbers for grading, what is the minimum score required to pass called in Frisian?