The nice giant couldn’t sleep.

Today he had spoken many words, as there were: ‘fat lady’ and ‘little man’ and definitely ‘very tasty chocolate bars’. But as soon as he had said them, they were gone. They never as much as reached the ears of papa giant and mama giant and his little sister giant, who was not little at all.

No, instead they all heard very different words – words the nice giant had never said. They were words like ‘plus-sized person’ and ‘person whose size is irrelevant’ and even ‘very healthy biological salad’. Mama giant had heard those words, papa giant had heard those words and his little giant sister had heard them too. Yet, the nice giant would never say words like that, he did not even know the meaning of some of them.

A brilliant moonbeam was slanting through a gap in the curtains. It fell on the nice giant’s face. He tried to doze off, but it was no good. He knew someone was stealing his words and replacing them by someone else’s words. The nice giant knew crows did such things with shiny objects. Could there be word crows about? he wondered.